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I live, work, and play in Oaktown CA. I have a deep interest in how people's movements germinate and grow, which was the impetus for the travel blog, Moving with Medha. Now, my head is in creating healthy people and communities. A broad net, but a fun one to bounce in.

Armchair Allocution

“…It’s particularly disturbing, in hindsight, to realize that there just might have been a connection between those spectral bodies that gave us nightmares and the smoke pouring from our own chimneys.” In Sahel – the End of the Road, Sebastiao … Continue reading

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The Drop in the River

Love—in the production of affective networks, schemes of cooperation, and social subjectivities—is an economic power.  Conceived in this way, love is not, as it is often characterized, spontaneous or passive.  It does not simply happen to us, as if it … Continue reading

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The United Nations Over-Development Program

I have been briefly travelling with 17 MSW (Masters of Social Work) students who’ve come to visit to better understand the Narmada Bachao Movement.  It was great to see a core group of young people who instead of engineering, computer science, … Continue reading

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Due Process

I’ve been fortunate enough to catch a world-renown activist in flight and am holding on for dear life!  My first day with the famous and wildly inspiringly infamous Medha Patkar was no less than exceptional:  a conference on government corruption in … Continue reading

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